Our Schools

How do we help our partner schools?

True Thabo creates relationships with schools across Africa to develop a partnership. Through this partnership, we provide a water purification system so that the school has access to clean water. We also provide a year long educational unit to add to their curricula about the water crisis and why it is important to drink clean water.

Who are our partner schools?

Nekacheya Primary School – Nekacheya school is located in the highlands region of Livingstone, Zambia. Nekacheya is a Tonga word meaning “although it is small” This school started in 2008 with just a single student and is home to over 200 students from preschool to grade 7. However, with so many students, they are limited with supplies and facilities. The classrooms are extremely small and cramped with students at capacity. Although Nekacheya is small, it is strong. They have an improving education program that focuses on reading and math so students can pass entrance exams for secondary school.

Kwathu Free Haven Community School is located in the highlands area of Livingstone, Zambia.  It was built and run by former American volunteer, Samantha Knaub.  200 vulnerable children attend this school, free of charge.  But they don’t stop there.  Knowing children learn best on full stomachs, Kwathu provides two meals a day to every student.  Kwathu Free Haven Community School is dedicated to fulfilling their students mind, body and spirits so they can be successful members of their own community.

Simoonga Combined Secondary School is right outside of Livingstone, Zambia and is home to over 500 students.  It is both a primary and a secondary school combined.  The current water is untreated in water tanks that are missing tops.  This leaves their water severely contaminated and not suitable for drinking.  Simoonga is trying to provide their students with proper education in reading, writing, math and science.  We are joining with Zambezi Sunrise Trust on this partnership.

Dream Elementary School is located in Livingstone, Zambia and has been successful in providing the community with an affordable way to educate the youth. The school was founded by a resident nonprofit called Dream Livingstone, in order to provide local children with a free education. With the help of volunteers, Dream Livingstone has expanded and will be getting an additional building to house more students!

Linda Community School is located in Livingstone, Zambia and is home to 470 students! The school has recently received an additional building with help from Zambezi Sunrise Trust due to the growing number of students. Linda Community School is our largest partner school yet and we are happy to be working with them!