Our Impact

March 26, 2018: True Thabo provided Linda Community School with one LifeStraw Community Filter and then partnered with Zambezi Sunrise Trust to provide the school with a second filtration system. The second system was brought safely by IVHQ volunteer May, who joined John, Joanne, and Laura to present the systems to the school! Now, the growing school has access to 200,000 liters of clean water!

November 28th, 2017: The LifeStraw Community Filter was purchased by True Thabo and brought to Dream Elementary School by IVHQ volunteer Dan. Dan helped ensure the safety of the water purification system from New York to Zambia and graciously presented the system to the staff and students! Dream Elementary is thrilled to have clean water and cannot wait to transport the system to its’ new building for their second term!

June 1st, 2017: True Thabo’s founders, Jaclyn and Marissa, hand delivered the Lifestraw Community System to Simoonga Combined Secondary School. Faculty, students, and members of the community gathered outside for a presentation on the importance of clean water and water hygiene. In addition, everyone met to see the water purification system that would grant their school with 100,000 liters of clean water!

May 22th-June 2nd, 2017: During Jaclyn and Marissa’s trip to Zambia, they delivered 40 MadiDrop tablets to current and future partner schools. Kwathu Free Haven Community School, Nekacheya Primary School, Simoonga Combined Secondary School, Dream Elementary School, Linda Sunrise School, Linda Community School and Malota Community School now have the opportunity to test the latest technology in the water purification industry.

April 7th, 2017: Kwathu Free Haven Community School received their Lifestraw Community Filter just in time to start their second term.  The school, which just opened in January, now has access to 100,000 liters of clean water.  All 200 students can now focus on receiving the best education without worrying about the quality of their water.  Faculty and students were thrilled when the system arrived and are eager to put it to use.

November 28, 2016: True Thabo provided Nekacheya Primary School with the Lifestrpaw Community System. By doing so, we successfully provided 100,000 liters of clean water to over 200 students! This is the first time Nekacheya Primary School has had access to potable water. Teachers and students gathered for the reveal of their new water system and to celebrate, the older students performed a ceremonial dance.

Who Do We Work With?

International Volunteer Headquarters, IVHQ, is the world’s leading volunteer travel company, working in over 30 countries around the world and placing thousands of volunteers abroad every year. Volunteers from International Volunteer Headquarters continue to help True Thabo by assisting in communication and installation of our systems with our partner schools. Volunteers that are placed in our partner schools help to teach our curriculum during their daily lessons and enforce the importance of drinking clean water.
The Zambezi Sunrise Trust is a charity dedicated to the support of education and the relief of poverty, sickness and distress in Zambia. Although based in the UK, it has supporters in America and other countries. It is primarily focused on the support of schools through the provision of books, equipment, teacher support and enhanced facilities. Two of its trustees share the experience of Marissa in that they volunteered as teachers in Zambia, came away and decided to continue helping by setting up a charity.
Both True Thabo and Zambezi Sunrise have helped Nekacheya and hope to work together in the future.
Website: http://www.zambezisunrisetrust.co.uk
Dream Livingstone Zambia is ​ a nonprofit organization in Livingstone, Zambia ​ created to help the community by providing better programs which will improve the economic status, reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and empower the communities to become self-reliant and sustainable. Dream Livingstone aids True Thabo in the coordination and distribution of the water purification systems. They also connect True Thabo with potential partner schools.
Website: http://www.dreamlivingstonezambia.com