Why Thabo?

Thabo is an African name, which is short for Lethabo meaning “happiness” and “Joy”. While Marissa was teaching in Zambia, she decided to have her students do a creative writing exercise and write about their dream world or their Utopia. One student, Thabo, intently wrote three pages. When it was time to turn their assignments in, Marissa was in awe of Thabo’s dream world. He wrote about how in his utopia, there would be no poverty and that parents would never have to lose a child over sickness and a child should never lose a parent, that every child deserved to go to school and nobody was left hungry. This ideal world for this ten year old boy inspired us to want to do what we can to make that world come true.

Our Schools

How do we help our partner schools?

True Thabo creates relationships with schools in across Africa to develop a partnership.Through this partnership, we provide a water purification system so that the school has access to clean water. We also provide a year long educational unit to add to their curriculums about the water crisis and why it is important to drink clean water.

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About Us

How We Got Started

True Thabo was founded by Jaclyn Campson and Marissa Frank: two college students at the University of Scranton. After listening to stories from Marissa’s service trips to Ghana and Zambia, we noticed there was a common thread – a lack of access to clean water. We realized that there was more that we can do for the children in Africa. It was then that we started True Thabo, with the sole mission of eliminating the risk of students getting sick from the water that they drink while attending school. No one should have to worry about getting sick from their water source and that is why we want to make clean water a right, not a privilege.

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Global Water Crisis

Having access to clean potable water is essential to our well being,
yet many are left without it.

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